My biggest passions are my dear hometown Helsinki, good coffee, photography, people and sudden acquaintances. I love to bicycle in an empty city on Sunday mornings, to sit in a café watching people passing by and to feel the wind blowing in my face. To be able to return back to my sweet Helsinki, I must leave every time to time.

This blog is about Helsinki, my travels in Finland and abroad. I want to share my favorite places with you, so you can also fall in love with my darling Helsinki.

Follow me also on Instragram @helsinkifeelings.

All the pictures on the blog are mine, so please don’t use them without my permission.



  1. Tetuo kitanaka

    Nice to meet you
    I transmit a message from Japan
    I like Finland
    Work; of the sauna designed it
    I like fashions
    It is machine translation

  2. Terve! Your blog is lovely – my favourite one so far, please keep writing 🙂

  3. Eunice Moon

    Dear Helsinki feelings,

    Hi, I am Eunice from South Korea. I am interested in Finland related information.
    Your blog seems informative, well organized and very inspiring. It would be great if you respond to me via email so that I can ask a question secretly. (*I have one question)


  4. Hello! It is so good to meet fellow bloggers from Helsinki. You have a great blog. Keep posting.

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