Peeing Bad Bad Boy – Helsinki’s Manneken Pis

Bad Bad Boy

Peeing in public is not nice. But when a 8.5-metre-tall baby boy does it, there is something sympathetic about it. One night at the beginning of August, this amazed and a bit embarrassed giant boy appeared next to the Finnair Sky Wheel by the Market Square. It is Tommi Toija’s sculpture called Bad Bad Boy, and a part of the sculptor’s exhibition called Mutatis Mutandis at Amos Anderson Art Museum that lasts until 27th of October 2014. The sculpture reminds me of the Manneken Pis in Brussels, but this “little one” has a lovely expression on his face: he looks somehow uncomfortable and not at all boastful like Manneken Pis does. I feel for him.

Bad Bad Boy Bad Bad Boy


  1. Poor boy. All that water around. No wonder he wants to pee. 😀

  2. I believe there is one small sign that is connected to this statue near it. Next to that pool there is a sign saying something similar to “The cleaning up of your rubbish/faeces is strictly ALLOWED”. Despite the sign appearing old, I’m certain it has not been there for very long. I first saw it this summer when looking at the “bad bad boy”.

    • Thanks for your comment! There are similar signs around the city. It was a campaign for a positive approach on living together and taking care of our surroundings. Even though the campaign is old, you can see a connection between the sign and the statue.

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